Volunteer Guidelines
An LISD Volunteer:
Is friendly and courteous at all times.
Is dependable and on time.  If unable to attend, arrangements should be
made ahead of time with the teacher or coordinator.  In case of last minute
emergencies, please notify the campus office.
Always works under the direction and supervision of a teacher or other
member of the school staff.  The relationship between the volunteer and the
teacher is a professional one—one of mutual respect and confidence.
Is expected to support the teacher and supplement the teacher.  The teacher,
not the volunteer, is responsible for content and techniques.
Knows that any information to which he/she has access to in the school or
classroom is confidential.
Never expresses differences of opinion or dissatisfaction in the presence of
Knows that personal reactions to a particular staff member or to a particular
student should be confidential.
Takes all suggestions or matters of concern to the campus volunteer
coordinator, the principal or, the district-level volunteer coordinators.
Works within the rules of the school as set out by the principal.
Records his/her hours of service on the designated form at the school for
end-of-year recognition of his/her service to LISD students.
Has short, periodic planning periods with the teacher, either in person or on
the telephone. 
Remember the dress code.  Volunteers set an example for the students, so it
is important that you present yourself accordingly. As a general guideline,
volunteers should follow the same dress code policy as the staff.
Importance of Signing In/Out: 
Each time you go to a campus to volunteer, you must sign in, wear
your name badge, and sign out when you are finished.
This requirement is necessary for the following reasons:
Safeguarding our students and maintaining campus security is of the utmost
In case you receive an emergency telephone call, you can be found.
Individual volunteers will be recognized for their dedication and service to
our schools.  
Your school, and the school district, would like the opportunity to thank you
for your service.
Volunteers Provide:
Leadership and support.
A commitment of time to the classroom.
A positive attitude.
A good role model for students.
Quick and thorough work.
Student assistance as directed by the teacher.
Open and honest communication with the teacher.
Notification in case of absence.
10. Confidentiality.