Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7 - May 11 

Start planning now to shower your teacher with appreciation! 

Monday May 7
Books or Magazines
Send a nice book or magazine your
teacher will enjoy reading over the summer.
Tuesday May 8
Teacher Supply Day
Send in supplies you know the teachers need!
Wednesday May 9
Say "Thanks"
Give your teacher a nice letter or card.
Maybe even one that's handmade!
Also consider a gift card to her/his favorite store/restaurant. 
Thursday May 10
Flower Power
Send a single flower and together we will give her/him
a beautiful bouquet. Handmade paper flowers are nice too ;-)
The room parents will provide the vase.
Friday May 11
Appreciation Luncheon
The PTA will host a luncheon for all school staff.
PLEASE OFFER to cover the teacher's lunch duties that day.
*Also remember to consider all of the staff and teachers at BHC (Administration, Resources, Library, Specials, Cafeteria staff, etc.)