When and how do I record hours?

Every time you enter the school to volunteer you can record your hours. (These are tracked through the sign in sheet in the front office. Please sign out when you have completed your volunteer time). 

Every time you do volunteer work at home, or at off-campus school sponsored events, you can track your hours with our online database. If you register online to volunteer in one of our calendars, your hours are automatically recorded.
To record hours online, log into the site at http://bhce.my-pta.org/ and click on the volunteer tab. Scroll down and enter your name on the time and hours you worked.

What is included in reportable hours?

Any hours that benefit the students, campus or district, directly or indirectly, should be recorded. 

Reportable hours might include time spent: 

At campus during school hours
Working on volunteer projects at home
Volunteering at special events
Helping in the classroom
On PTA and student activities
At volunteer related conferences and meetings 
Baby-sitting for children whose parent is volunteering
Coordinating campus volunteer hours. 

Why should I report my volunteer hours? 

By tracking your volunteer hours, BHC campus can:

  • Continually document the level of community engagement at BHC.
  • Celebrate the campus volunteer program.
  • Know where volunteers are working and spending the most time.
  • Define other volunteer opportunities to further engage parents and the community.
  • Realize the value of off-campus and after-school volunteer support.
  • Use volunteer totals when applying for corporate and federal grant and campus awards
If you have any questions about volunteer hours, or if you would like to get in touch with our volunteer coordinator,
contact Ashlea Lee at ashleamlee@gmail.com