All children deserve opportunities to explore and be involved in the arts. The arts play a critical role in students’ success in school and beyond, enhancing their reading and language, mathematics, thinking, and social skills. The National PTA Reflections program is PTA’s cornerstone arts program. It offers students the opportunity to earn local, state, and even national recognition for original artwork they create in response to a specific theme. Students who participate in the Reflections Program get an opportunity to explore the arts and culture, develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills, and recognize themselves as artists.

The National PTA’s 2018-2019 theme for Reflections is "Heros Around Me"!


A Great Learning Experience:

When children express themselves through words, pictures, music, dance, and other art forms, they grow intellectually and socially. They learn to analyze their thoughts, feelings, and ideas; learn to look at things, people, and experiences in a fresh and exciting way; and become more interested in the ideas and works of others.

The PTA Reflections Program is designed to enhance a quality arts education by providing an opportunity for students to explore their artistic talents and receive positive recognition for their efforts.

Student Guidelines:

Students must adhere to the General Student Participation Rules as well as the rules for their specific arts area. Only new pieces of artwork inspired by the theme may be submitted.

Grade Divisions:

Students may enter the Reflections Program in the appropriate division for their grade. The divisions are:

Primary: preschool-grade 2

Intermediate: grades 3-5

Arts Areas:

Students may submit works in any of the following arts areas

- Visual Arts

- Photography

- Literature

- Musical Composition

- Dance Choreography

- Film Production


Each entry must be the original work of one student only. An adult may not alter the creative integrity of a student's work. Because the program is designed to encourage and recognize each student's individual creativity, help from an adult or collaboration with other students is not allowed. Only one student may be recognized as the award recipient for each entry. Other individuals may appear in or perform a student's work, but the work itself, for example, musical composition (including written score and any lyrics) must be the creative product of one student only. (See the specific arts area rules for details.) 


Submissions will be accepted in the BHCE front office from November 1-6. 
The deadline for submissions is November 6th @ 2:30 p.m.
Please make sure to double check the guidelines for your category and that your entry from is completed before you turn your entry in.
*Use of copyrighted material is prohibited.